Lowen's Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Mask.  EWG approved.  Made in Canada.
Lowen's Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Mask.  EWG approved.  Made in Canada.


Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Mask


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EWG approved.  This Swamp Thing Clay Mask starts with Canadian glacial marine clay as the main ingredient.  What makes this clay unique is that it is a product of the movement, erosion and the melting of glaciers.  The very fine particles from this erosion eventually make their way from the mountains of British Columbia through the many rivers and streams, finally end up settling on coastal regions of BC.  Here the particles lie, bathed in pristine phytoplankton rich coastal waters until they are harvested as the tides allow.

After applyingVegan Facial Toner, Gently apply this Canadian glacial clay mask on your face and let ‘em dry. It’ll do its magic to soften, detoxify and refresh your skin. Then simply wash off in 15 minutes or so, with You Sure Clean Up Nice.  

Wearing the mask while taking shower or bath, let the steam stimulate the active ingredients into the skin.

 Net weight: 75g

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 Canadian Glacial Marine Clay VS Glacial Clay.


Aqua, Canadian Colloidal Clay (Canadian glacial marine clay harvested in BC, Canada), Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Oleosomes, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.



是什麼讓加拿大海洋冰河泥如此特別? 在加拿大洛基山脈高山區,冰雪長年日積月累,逐漸壓密形成冰河冰。當冰層達到一定厚度後,便受重力擠壓而緩慢移動,成為冰河。經由冰蝕作用使得冰河裡充滿豐富的礦物質和微細粒子,到最後的消融作用把它停留在加拿大BC卑詩省的海岸,在純粹無污染的浮游生物河床底(浮游生物能把二氧化碳轉化為氧氣,並排除氨態氮及重金屬)直到被挖掘出來。水解作用所產生的負電荷,使得這冰河泥有著天然的修護特性。

蘊含豐富礦物質成分,有效清潔面部肌膚;幼細的海洋冰河泥,能徹底去除肌膚污垢及死皮細胞。添加蘆薈原液及加拿大亞省AB製造Hydresia® Oleosomes紅花油質體,在敷面膜的同時不會因面膜泥乾而不適。油質體也能更有效將海洋冰河泥的成份帶進肌膚底層。



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    Customer Reviews

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    Great mask

    The best clay mask I ever used. It feels like a normal clay mask when using it. But the magic shows after I remove it. My skin looks very light and feels super soft. Moreover, it’s a perfect match for a warm cozy bath.

    My skin is glowing!

    This mask is wonderful! It’s not very often that I would take the time to write a review, but this one is worth it! The mask goes on really nicely, dries as a clay mask normally would (which is great!) and when you add a touch of water to remove it, it softens and is removed easily as well. My skin felt really smooth after using it.
    The best part though, is that when I arrived at work the next day, 3 people told me that my skin looks really light and is glowing! I’ll definitely be adding this one to my regular routine, 5 out of 5 from me!