Laughing Lichen Spruce Pitch, Handcrafted in Canada's northern wilderness Northwest Territories, Canada.  Laughing Lichen
Laughing Lichen Spruce Pitch, Handcrafted in Canada's northern wilderness Northwest Territories, Canada.  Laughing Lichen

Laughing Lichen

Spruce Pitch Salve


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Infused with hand-harvested spruce pitch from Canada’s Northern wilderness. An all-natural first aid product utilized for thousands of years by many First Nations’ groups around the world. Spruce pitch can help heal open wounds and possess skin regeneration enhancing properties.  The working process is different from using antibiotic ointment to heal the wounds.  The salve enhances skin regeneration and then the skin on the wound area will fall naturally without leaving behind a scar.  

Spruce Pitch Salve is a great addition to your backcountry supplies when travelling off the beaten path into the remote wilderness.  As with any new product please test a small patch of skin first to rule out any allergies.  Topical Use Only 

Net weight: 1/2 oz       Check on 2oz large size package.


Extra virgin olive oil, spruce pitch (Picea sp.), tree lichen (Usnea sp.), Canadian beeswax.







2oz 大罐裝 

    Customer Reviews

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    For my eczema, this is the only thing that works!!!!!

    I went to Yellowknife in June of 2018 and was told about spruce pitch by my friends sister who was born there. I found Laughing Lichen spruce pitch salve in a little gift shop while I was there and I LOVE it! I am using it sparingly because I don’t want to run out but I just looked for a website on the label and found the shop and bought some more along with multiple other items. This stuff works so well. I have tried prescription and multiple other products for my eczema and this is the only thing that works!!!!!

    Love it!!

    I love love love the spruce pitch salve.

    Work wonders on a blowing nose

    I can’t say enough about the Spruce Pitch salve. I use it on all cuts and I have just discovered is works wonders on a sore, chaffed nose from blowing to much while sick and it smells great!

    Works on cuts!

    My son ran into a rope and got a horrible cut on his neck, I used Spruce Pitch Slave twice a day and it healed within the week. I couldn’t believe how well this product works! Now my son won’t have a horrible scar across his neck! Thanks!!!

    healing open wounds

    This product is an amazing product!! I swear by this stuff and bring it everywhere with me!! It has so many different uses but healing open wounds is where i got hooked!! I cut my finger open pretty badly on a table saw and used the salve instead of polysporin! After 5 days I showed my dad (who is a doctor) and he said to me “wow you have healed really fast and well, see how well polysporin works!” I told him that I had been using a spruce pitch salve and nothing else and even he was astounded!! I recommend this product to anyone and everyone who wants a natural product that actually works!