Prime Organic Einkorn Flour stone ground. Product of Saskatchewan, Canada.  DAYBREAK MILL
Prime Organic Einkorn Flour stone ground. Product of Saskatchewan, Canada.  DAYBREAK MILL


Prime Organic Einkorn Flour stoneground


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Einkorn flour (translated literally as “single-grain” flour) may also be more digestible than other wheats due to it being a single grain and minimally processed, and this may help those with digestion problems unrelated to gluten. Because of its gentle composition and purity, einkorn is a great wheat alternative to those on a diet or with occasional stomach problems.

Since Einkorn has less gluten than most wheat varieties, its flour is not ideal for baking loaves of bread or other rising foods. However, there are countless Einkorn recipes for great pastries and meals where Einkorn flour can truly shine.

Some of these top foods include:Muffins, Cookies, Crusts and Salads.  Cooking with Einkorn flour is the same as with any other flour, but you'll get more essential vitamins, minerals, and protein per cup with this ancient grain. 

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For a serving size of one cup, einkorn flour provides:

12 grams protein
2 grams fat
300 calories
60 carbs
18% iron
Plus vitamin B6, magnesium, and other essential vitamins and minerals


古麥種通常是指在1960年代以前,未經農業科學技術加以進行基因改造的麥種。Einkorn單粒小麥是一種遠古野生小麥,也是目前唯一非雜交品種,為2倍體AA(14個)染色體的麥種。在18,000多年前開始被人類種植。由於在Einkorn的莖上有單粒的麥,德文將其譯為「一粒(single grain)」。今天所有品種的麥種都是Einkorn野生麥的後裔。







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    Perfect Einkorn flour for your bread!

    I am very pleased to share with you my thoughts on Daybreak Mill's einkorn flour that I use regularly for my daily bread.
    I have tried several providers of einkorn flour, from the US, from Europe. I should mention, that I am not expert in bread bakery and maybe this is why my experiments with these foreign flours were not fully satisfactory, if not discouraging... When I tried Daybreak' flour I was first surprised by its color, much darker, maybe due to harsh Saskatchewan's climate that gives it a big dose of carotene and other minerals so beneficial for health ! Nevertheless, there is no doubt that I have a much better control of the dough with Daybreak' flour, on its plasticity, which is essential for bakery: this was the 2nd happy surprise. Before the 2nd raising of the dough, I mix the dough with chopped eikcorn and oat grains that were soaked as many hours as the time required for 1st raising the dough. The end result is wonderful, a very tasty, orange-like color bread that any person who is intolerant to gluten can digest and enjoy ! I find important to support this family business who provides unique and healthy products in Canada. Actually, I also offer their products to my relatives in Europe!